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BleBox controllers in fishkeeping (aquarium), terrarium, vivarium.

Temperature measurement

WiFi thermometer with waterproof aquarium probe. Check the temperature in the aquarium on your smartphone at any time, from anywhere in the world!


Sensors from the “tempSensor” family allow you to view historical data on graphs, and the high accuracy of the probe allows you to see even the heating of water by light.


“tempSensor” allows you to protect the aquarium against summer heat, as well as against a broken aquarium heater. The controller can send notifications to the phone in case of too low or too high temperature!



Humidity and temperature measurement

In a terrarium, vivarium, paludarium or greenhouse, in addition to measuring the temperature, it is also useful to measure air humidity to maintain optimal conditions for animals and plants.


WiFi hygrometer and thermometer: “humiditySensor” allows you to view historical humidity and temperature graphs. It also allows you to set notifications in case of too low or too high humidity and air temperature


Temperature sensor from -55 to +125. Temperature chart, notifications, control other BleBox devices. Waterproof probe!

tempSensor PRO

Up to 4 temp. probes, measurements from -55 to +125 C degree. Charts, notifications, actions. Waterproof + antenna!


Up to 4 temperature sensors (from -55 to 125 degrees) Charts, notifications, actions. Powered by 230V AC.


Humidity and air temperature sensor. Dew point, heat index. Diagrams, notifications, actions!

LED lighting 12-24V (dusk / dawn)

The WiFi controller for the LED 12-24V DC lighting beam allows you to create a “sunrise/sunset”, as well as control the colour of lighting and its brightness using the phone.

By controlling individual channels, you can perfectly select the spectral band of light that reaches the plants in the aquarium, terrarium, paludarium or vivarium.


WiFi BleBox drivers for LEDs also allow you to create your effects, which makes it possible not only to simulate sunrise and sunset but also:
– simulating a cloudy day
– simulating a storm


You can also use them to control the illuminated background!



12-24V LED single-color, RGB / RGBW / CT / 2x CCT (up to 4 CH). Change brightness, create own lighting effects!


Single-channel 12-24V LED lighting (eg. LED strip). Set the brightness using smartphone, schedule, button, remote controller!

230V lighting (on / off)

In the case of lighting an aquarium, terrarium, paludarium, or vivarium 230V AC (on/off), you can use WiFi controllers from the “switch” family, which will turn the lighting on and off according to the set time (schedule).


If the 230V lamp is dimmable, (manufacturer’s declaration), a dimmerBox controller can be used.

The lighting can also depend on the sunrise and sunset calculated based on the geographical position.



ON / OFF – high power 230V AC switch or “activate for time” . Schedules, Button, Actions, Notifications!


Double ON / OFF switch or “activate for time” to 230V AC. Schedules, Button, Actions, Notifications!

switchBox LIGHT

A small ON / OFF switch or “activate for time” for 230V AC. Schedules, Button, Actions, Notifications!


Dimmer for halogens, LED bulbs 230V. Control the brightness of the lighting using smartphone, schedule or remote controller

Heating and cooling

You can use the thermoBox WiFi thermostat for devices such as aquarium heaters, heating mats, or coolers.

It will also work great when controlling fans to cool the aquarium through evaporation.


It allows you to adjust the temperature according to the schedule and has historical temperature charts.

In the case of ceramic heating lamps (infrared – IR) used in terrariums, the power can be controlled using the WiFi dimmerBox controller.



Dimmer for halogens, LED bulbs 230V. Control the brightness of the lighting using smartphone, schedule or remote controller


Temperature control – electric or water floor heating (with thermoelectric actuator) – 2 temperature probes!

Humidity, sprinklers, automatic fertilizer application

The WiFi switchBoxDC controller is perfect as a peristaltic pump controller for feeding fertilizers or minerals to freshwater and marine aquariums.
The switchBoxDC WiFi controller can also control any solenoid valve (mini sprinklers) or fog generator to increase the humidity in the paludarium, vivarium or terrarium.

In the schedule, we can set the time of fertilizing or sprinkling, even up to 1 second. During the day, we can set up to 10 cycles of a few seconds, which will help to measure the amount of liquid supplied by a peristaltic pump or a solenoid valve.


switchBoxDC can be controlled by:

  • humidity measurement using humiditySensor (sensor will send command to control if humidity is too low)
  • schedule built-in controller switchBoxDC (e.g 5 times per day turn on for 2 seconds)


ON / OFF, potential free switch or “activate for time”, powered 12-24V DC. Schedules, Button, Actions, Notifications!


Humidity and air temperature sensor. Dew point, heat index. Diagrams, notifications, actions!

Flood and water leak sensor

The WiFi floodSensor controller is a sensor that warns you about leaks in your aquarium or water leaking from filters, hoses or sprinklers.

It is perfect as a warning sensor mounted close to an aquarium, paludarium, vivarium or near a water filter.


If a leak is detected, floodSensor notifies you with sound and can send a notification to your phone. It is also possible to control other devices (e.g. closing the water valve)



Flood and water leakage sensor. Phone and sound notification. Historical data, charts, actons!


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