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Temperature measurement from -55 to +125 degree. Historical, interactive charts, notifications, and actions for other controllers!

Manuals associated with tempSensorAC
(Please pay attention to it’s version)


  • Temperature measurement indoors and/or outdoors (Possibility of connecting up to 4 sensors)
  • Temperature measurement in gardens, pools, aquariums, CO systems (waterproof sensor)
  • Smartphone notifications of exceeding the temperature
  • Historical graphs of temperature can be viewed
  • Control of other BleBox controllers based on temperature
  • Showing temperature trend


  • Historical data can be exported
  • Possibility to correct the temperature reading
  • Autodiagnosis of measuring sensor (sensor failure detection)
  • “AC” version allows connecting directly to 230V power grid, with no power supply.

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Temperature measurement

The controller allows you to connect up to 4 “BleBox tempProbe” measuring probes that measure the temperature in the range from -55 to +125 degrees Celsius.

The measurement resolution is 0.1 degree and accuracy is 0.5 degrees in the range from -10 to +85 degrees.

It also shows the temperature trend. For advanced users, it is possible to change (shift / calibrate) the temperature reading.

A self-diagnostic mechanism has also been implemented.

Waterproof probe

“BleBox tempProbe” is fully waterproof. It means that you can measure the temperature of not only air, but also water!

It will be perfect for measuring the indoor, outside temperature, temperature in a greenhouse, water in a swimming pool, aquarium or even in a central heating or utility water installation.

Graphs ans historical data

With the help of the wBox app, it’s possible to view historical temperatures on an interactive chart. For advanced users there is an option to export data to a file.


The device allows you to set up notifications / warnings on your smartphone, e.g.

– “temperature has dropped below 0 degrees outside”,
– “temperature in the heating system has exceeded 90 degrees”, – “temperature in aquarium has exceeded 30 degrees”

Control other devices!

An additional feature is a possibility of controlling other BleBox devices, based on temperature reading, e.g.

– “Close the blinds to 70% if the temperature has increased above 25 degrees”
– “Close the blinds to 100% if the temperature has decreased below -5 degrees”

or creating heating regulator:
-“turn on if the temperature has decreased below 20 degrees”,
-“turn off if the temperature has increased above 22 degrees “

Additional information / accessories

tempSensorAC is a version of the product intended for 230V AC power supply, directly from the power grid, without additional power supplies, located in an wall installation box.

Perfect as a temperature sensor in a room, in combination with an outlet and the Kontakt-Simon frame:


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