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12-24V LED single-color, RGB / RGBW / CT / 2x CCT (up to 4 CH). Change brightness, create own lighting effects!

Manuals associated with wLightBox
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  • WiFi driver for colored LED lighting, including LED strips
  • Control the brightness, color temperature and even the color of the LED strip
  • Control each channel using the color palette or independently!
  • Operating modes: RGB, RGBW, RGBCCT, CCT, 2xCCT, 5xMONO
  • Creator of your own lighting effects in the wBox application
  • Ability to create scenes and groups from multiple controllers in the wBox application
  • Schedule and astronomical clock (control at sunrise and sunset)
  • Voice Control (Google Home, Amazon Alexa)


  • Ability to pair a rechargeable uRemote remote
  • Ability to connect a physical button
  • Possibility of pairing the battery button with the inBox module
  • Ability to control the central WiFi with the actionBox module


Voice control and integrations:
Google Assistant   Alexa   Home Assistant

wBox app:

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WiFi controller - wLightBox

The wLightBox WiFi controller allows you to control colored LED lighting using a smartphone.

You can control it directly (the controller can broadcast its own WiFi network) and locally or remotely from anywhere in the world (the controller connected to your home WiFi network)

In the wBox application, it is possible to control many devices at once (through scenes or groups)

A 12-24V motion detector and a physical control button can be connected to the controller.

Versatile use

You can use wLightBox for any 12-24V DC LED lighting. It will be perfect as a WiFi controller for:

  • LED lighting in the suspended ceiling
  • LED lighting at the kitchen counter
  • LED lighting in furniture
  • night LED lighting of buildings and premises (schedule, astronomical clock)
  • LED lighting in clubs, bars, shop windows (creator of lighting effects)
  • decorative LED lighting, used in buses, trucks or yachts (remote control)
  • LED lighting used in the aquarium, paludarium, terrarium, vivarium or plant breeding (schedule + light spectrum control)


RGB, RGBW or RGBCCT? – It’s up to you what color LED strip you use. In RGBCCT (RGB CW/WW) mode, illuminate the room with white LEDs, and when guests arrive, turn on colorful lighting effects.

Depending on the LED strip:

  • In RGB mode, select a color from the color palette
  • In RGBW mode, select a color from the color palette and independently control the brightness of the white channel
  • In RGBCCT mode, select a color from the color palette and independently control the brightness and color temperature of the white LEDs.

Adjust the color temperature

In the RGBCCT mode and in the CCT, CCT x2 modes (two independently controlled CCT LED strips) you can control the brightness and color temperature of the light.

During work, use cool shades of white to stimulate the body, and during rest, use warm shades of white to help you relax.

Set the effect of a gentle brightening and a gentle change of color from warm to cold to make your mornings more pleasant!

Light spectrum control

The wLightBox controller also allows for manual control of each channel. This allows you to obtain the appropriate spectrum of light using LED lighting.

This function is appreciated by people who grow plants or have an aquarium, vivarium, terrarium, paludarium.

Light Effects Creator

The wBox application offers an effect creator, thanks to which you can create up to 10 of your own lighting effects.

You can start the effects at any time using the button, telephone, computer or remote control.

Schedule and astronomical clock

The schedule with the astronomical clock function allows you to control at a given time and at sunrise and sunset based on geographical location.

This allows you to:

  • LED lighting control at a given time
  • creating LED night lighting that gently brightens up after sunset
  • creating “sunrise”, “sunset” lighting for the aquarium, vivarium, terrarium, paludarium, which will gently lighten and slightly darken

Remote controls, wireless buttons

The wLightBox controller can be paired with a rechargeable uWiFi “uRemote” remote control and a battery “inBox” module, e.g. for wireless, battery powered wall buttons.

With the help of powered modules from the “actionBox” family, you can also create a central button to control multiple modules, without running wires.

Voice control

In combination with Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistants, you can control devices with your voice!

Automation - actions

Other BleBox WiFi controllers can send wireless control commands to the wLightBox controller.

  • Combine with airSensor to create a colored air quality indicator. For example, if the air quality deteriorates, the LED strip will turn red.
  • Open gate indicator in combination with gateBox
  • LEDs switched on with a wireless motion detector with the actionBoxS module

About the product


Supply voltage:

12-24V DC

Energy consumption:

< 1W

Maximum current:

15A (3A / channel)

Outputs number:


Maximum load:


Outputs type:

open-drain, PWM, low side control

Color mode:


Inputs number:


Supported switches:

monostable (push-button), not-illuminated

Inputs type:

low voltage, logical, pushbutton, short circuited to GND


43 x 37 x 22 mm

Protection Rating:



made of polyurethane composition not containing halogens, self-extinguishing for thermal class B (130 °C)

Mounting method:

in the flush-mounted box, on the lamp housing, directly connected to the LED strip, e.g. furniture


reversed polarization, ESD

Communication standard:

μWiFi, compatible with WiFi, 802.11g

Transmission type:

bidirectional, encrypted

Transmission frequency:



open (

Communication mode:

direct connection (as Access Point), Wi-Fi connection via a standard router, connection with access from any location in the world (requires only access to the Internet)

Compatible devices and systems:

Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, iPad Mini, Android, computers and mobile devices supporting HTML5


Company’s data:

Blebox Sp. z o.o. (Ltd. / LLC)
Kunickiego 65 Street,
54-616 Wrocław, Poland, Europe

NIP (Tax ID No.):
• PL8943071265

Share capital: 250 000,00 PLN

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