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230V mini action trigger. Connect a motion sensor, a button to control another device or receive notifications

Manuals associated with actionBoxS
(Please pay attention to it’s version)


  • Wireless control of other BleBox controllers via WiFi network
  • Up to 30 control actions and notifications can be configured
  • Powered by 230V, use any signal as actions (button, PIR motion sensor)


  • Miniature design allows you to hide the device in a small box or housing of another device such as a motion sensor
  • Possibility to control “virtual button” in the application

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Signal as a notification

After receiving a signal, e.g. from a motion sensor, a water level sensor (e.g. a waste tank) or another alarming device (smoke detector), the controller may send a notification to the phone. Don’t worry about missing an event.

Signal as an control action

Add an actionBoxS to a motion sensor, for example, to control other BleBox controllers.

For example: After motion detection, wirelessly turn on / off lights in the entire garden using WiFi, without running separate light circuits or adding many motion sensors.

Central button

If you need to create a single, central button or turn on many different devices at the same time, you can do it with the actionBoxS, put it in the button box and control various controllers at the same time via the WiFi network

Versatile use

The controller is powered by 230V and allows to use any 230V short-circuit (to L or N) as a signal (action configuration to any edge).

This allows not only to receive the “signal” from other devices, but also to connect any button – bell (monostable) or candlestick (bistable)

Miniature size

The miniature size of the device, allows it to be used as an “implant” of other existing devices.

Available in two versions:
– actionBoxS
– actionBoxS W (Wired)

Cooperation - many actions

Configuration of up to 30 different actions allows to control many devices based on one signal, clicking a button.

In case of control of more devices, connect second actionBoxS in parallel to the same signal, button or use actionBoxS to trigger configured actions on other controllers of actionBox family (e.g. control of floors of a building).

About the product


Supply voltage:

230V AC

Energy consumption:

< 1W

Inputs number:


Inputs voltage:

230V AC

Typ wejść:

logical, pushbutton, short circuited to N, configurable

Supported switches:

monostable (push-button), bistable (traditional, cross switch), not-illuminated


actionBoxS: 25 x 39 x 24 mm || actionBoxS W (Wired): 25 x 39 x 19 mm

Protection Rating:


Controller operating temperature:

od -10 do + 40°C

Mounting method:

in the flush-mounted box, on the housing of othe device


made of polyurethane composition not containing halogens, self-extinguishing for thermal class B (130 °C)

Communication standard:

μWiFi, compatible with WiFi, 802.11g

Radio frequency:

2.4 GHz

Transmission type:

bidirectional, encrypted


WPA2-PSK and authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD)




direct connection (as Access Point), Wi-Fi connection via a standard router, connection with access from any location in the world (re- quires only access to the Internet)

Compatible devices and systems:

Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, iPad Mini, Android, computers and mo- bile devices supporting HTML5


Company’s data:

Blebox Sp. z o.o. (Ltd. / LLC)
Kunickiego 65 Street,
54-616 Wrocław, Poland, Europe

NIP (Tax ID No.):
• PL8943071265

Share capital: 250 000,00 PLN

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