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Control with smartphone and tablet

wBox App
for Android:

get it on google play

wBox App
for iOS:


Control by computer

Download wBox application for Windows:


Install wBox app from Microsoft Store:

Get it from Microsoft


Control by remote control or WiFi & uWiFi button

  • Use the inBox battery module to create up to 4 buttons anywhere without running wires.


  • Use the rechargeable uRemote to control various devices (4 channels) or the battery sRemote to control many at once (1 channel)


Battery-powered µWiFi module with up to 4 buttons! WiFI not required. Short/long clicks. Control many BleBox devices.


Rechargeable µWiFi remote control – no WiFi required. 3 buttons on 4 different channels. Control many BleBox devices!


Battery powered μWiFi remote – no WiFi required. 3 programmable buttons. Control many devices simultaneously

  • Use the WiFi actionBox or actionBoxS controllers to create a wireless central button, e.g. “close all blinds”, “leaving home button”.


  • The “action” modules can be connected to a motion sensor or a water level sensor to create notify or control action based on its state. You can also create notify button – the so-called “panic button”.


230V input module – up to 4 buttons, motion detectors, etc. Central control of other BleBox devices.


230V mini action trigger. Connect a motion sensor, a button to control another device or receive notifications

Physical buttons


You can control BleBox controllers using normal wall switches – “smart home” is supposed to expand, not take away the possibilities!


Check how to connect the button:

Google Home Assistant

Voice control by speaking to your phone, tablet or Google speaker!
You can also control from the Google Home app!


How to add controllers to Google Home?

works with google home


Amazon Alexa

Voice control by speaking to your phone, tablet or Amazon Echo speaker!
You can also control on the Amazon Alexa app!


How to add controllers to Amazon Alexa?

Works with Alexa

Schedule and astronomical clock

BleBox controllers have got built-in schedule and astronomical clock feature (control at a given time or at sunrise and sunset based on geographical location.)

  • Turn on garden light after sunset and turn off at 23:59 to reduce energy consumption
  • Automatically close and open roller shutters or blinds at sunset and sunrise\

The schedule and astronomical clock feature is remembered by device, regardless of the connection to the blebox cloud. This means that it will work even without Internet or WiFi connection!

Open API

The open API allows you to implement control through your own integrations, applications or scripts


View full API documentation:


Hobbyists and people using devices from many different manufacturers may need to use integration that connects many products


Integrations created by BleBox:

– Home Assistant
– Google Home
– Amazon Alexa


Integrations created by community:

(BleBox is not responsible for the functioning of integrations created by the community)

– Homey
– Hubitat
– Smart Things
– Domoticz

Want to know more? - Communication in the Blebox system


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