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BleBox creates controllers and sensors in the field of home automation, smart homes, under its own brand and as a research and development (R&D) company producing “blebox-inside” products (both hardware and software). We provide technology to leading manufacturers, allows them to create innovative and secure devices.

The “blebox inside” technology allows for local, remote and direct communication via WiFi. Additionally, “blebox inside” devices allows for communication with battery-powered devices through a proprietary uWiFi protocol (e.g., remotes). Learn more about controlling BleBox systems and “blebox inside” controllers (click here)

Explore the solutions offered by our partners, including major manufacturers of doors, windows, gates, lighting accessories, electrical installation, ventilation, and many others!


Its history began in 1921. They offer all kinds of material for electrical installations, combining functionality and aesthetics. They are very proud of their wide range of high quality products and equipment. Members of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Electronics and Telecommunications, as well as one of the founders of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Electricity. In order to improve the offer, we have created among other intelligent wall switches, both for roller shutters and lighting.


SELT is one of the leading manufacturers of solar shading systems in Europe. Operating since 1980, it consistently strengthens its position in the market. The company’s offer includes a wide range of solar shading systems, including products such as pergolas, facade blinds, awnings, reflexoles, and sunbreakers, which provide our customers with a comfortable atmosphere for work, study, and relaxation.


The technology provided by BleBox enables convenient control of sunshades – directly from the application installed on the phone or through remote controls.


The combination of experience, competent staff and innovative technology result in the provision of services to hundreds of companies not only in the country but also in the world. For more than 29 years, they provide products of the highest quality in the construction industry. Focusing on the constant development, we create together the smart controller RiCo for doors and gates.


Polish manufacturer, present in the market since 1991. It is currently the second manufacturer in the world market of roof windows. Is one of the most innovative companies in Poland. Its main purpose is to provide products of the highest quality. Inspired by the new expectations of customers arround the World, we create together a new way to control roof windows, both directly and from any place (by using the wBox application).


A leading manufacturer of windows in Europe. More than 20 years of experience allow the creation of high quality products. Its investment policy is focused on the innovation of its products, the improvement on production process and modern research and development facilities. Its patented products are completely individualized and adapted to the prevailing trends. Our cooperation allows to buy these products for smart control with microWifi technology.


Their history began in 1992 as a craft workshop related to roofing and guttering. Currently, the range allows the simple and inexpensive creation of the most advanced installations. They also offer an energy-saving system with Blebox technology for distributing warm air from the fireplace.


Manufacturer of roller gates and motors for gates and roller shutters. They are known for their professional approach and customer satisfaction. Our cooperation allows you to create a smart home.


Is one of the main manufacturers of modern fencing systems in Poland. Present in the market since 1988.
The knowledge and experience acquired allow them to manufacture high quality products. It specializes in the production of fences, doors, gates and exterior lighting. Its control is based on the modern microWiFi technology. Our cooperation resulted in the creation of an innovative fencing system. Also in order to take care of the health of our consumers, we have jointly created the air quality measurement lamppost; Thanks to this, it is possible to verify the current state of the air in different places.


Wikęd is a Polish manufacturer of windows and external doors for houses and flats. Currently, over 400 people work in the factory located in Luzin in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Established in 2002, the company has been awarded many prestigious awards for over 20 years of operation. The company’s mission is to provide its customers with excellent service and the highest quality products. The Wikęd company uses the latest technologies in production and focuses on the quality of workmanship with attention to every detail.

Thanks to the technology provided by, you can check if you have closed the door when you leave the house, open it from anywhere in the world and even control the backlight of the threshold, handrail or glass elements. After all, the door is your trademark.


Okpol is a company operating on the window joinery market since 1991. The main pillar of its activity are windows and roof hatches which, improved over the years, have reached the highest level of international competitiveness.

The company’s success is measured by more and more innovative solutions introduced into production. Okpol products are covered by patent applications, they win many awards and words of appreciation among experts in the construction industry. Okpol leaves the entire range of options for its clients: tilt and slide windows, pivot windows, electric windows, L-shaped, flat roof windows, as well as a wide range of roof hatches. As the only manufacturer allows the installation of windows and roof hatches with a collar made of a mixture EPDM.

The technology provided by bleblox enables convenient control of flat roof windows directly from the application installed on the phone.


Tedee is a distinguished technological company specializing in creating and manufacturing advanced solutions for smart locks.
Their flagship product, the Tedee PRO Smart Lock, has gained international recognition, winning the prestigious iF Design Award for its exceptional combination of aesthetics and modern functionality.
Tedee focuses on delivering secure, user-friendly, and design-oriented products that cater to the needs of contemporary lifestyles. Their smart locks seamlessly integrate into any home or office, providing an unmatched level of security and convenience.
With its elegant design and intuitive features, the Tedee Smart Lock offers an elevated user experience, setting new industry standards.

In 2023, Tedee expanded its product offerings by integrating the control of BleBox brand devices. This integration enables users to manage garage doors, front gates, or barriers through the Tedee application.


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