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Battery powered μWiFi remote- No WIFI required. 3 programmable buttons. Control many devices simultaneously

Manuals associated with sRemote
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  • Encrypted, bi-directional uWiFi comunication doesn’t require WiFi.
  • The ability to control 7 BleBox controllers, simultaneously.
  • The ability to independently control 3 devices on separate buttons
  • 3 freely configurable buttons
  • Battery powered – 2 AAA batteries
  • Blue LED indicator


  • Built-in magnet allows you to attach the remote control to metal surfaces
  • Use the actionBox product family to increase the remote’s operating range

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Control any devices

Pair the sRemote to any BleBox driver. Thanks to μWiFi, you do not need a WiFi network or any additional gateways for the remote control to operate.

You can use it without any problems, even without having a router at home! The remote control connects directly to the device.

Configurable buttons

Thanks to the configuration of the remote control buttons, by selecting their functions in the wBox app, you decide what should happen after pressing each of the 3 buttons. Adjust the remote control to your needs and style.

Control many, simultaneously

simpleRemote can be paired with up to 7 BleBox controllers, which will execute commands simultaneously, or up to 3 different controllers, which can be controlled independently of each other (on separate buttons).


The μWIFI comunnication is encrypted, and thus safer.
Don´t worry about someone eavesdropping on you. Don´t
be fooled, take care of your own security. Don´t use easy to copy fixed code remotes.

Pleasant to use

The use of 2 AAA batteries and the μWiFi technology allow for operation up to 15 months without their replacement, and in the event of a discharge, you will find the batteries in every store.

Built-in magnet allows you to attach the remote control to metal elements or hang it on a wall or cabinet using a second neodymium magnet.

Expand the possibilities

The built-in blue LED indicates whether the command has reached the device or the remote control was out of range.

In the case of long-distance communication, the actionBox family of controllers can receive commands from the remote control and, using actions, forward them to other controllers using the home WiFi network.

About the product


Number of buttons:



Blue LED diode

Number of connected devices / channel:

7 at the same time / 3 independent


Magnetic, magnet, screw and expansion plug included


148 x 46 x 16 mm


72 grams with battery

Power supply:

2x alkaline battery LR03 / AAA


High quality, white ABS plastic

Controller operating temperature:

from -20°C to +50°C

Transmission frequency:


Transmission protocol:


Transmission type:

encrypted, bidirectional with confirmation


up to 100m in open spaces, up to 40m in buildings (depending on the construction and terrain)


set of 512-bit keys, with use of elliptic curves and key negotiation for each transmission


Company’s data:

Blebox Sp. z o.o. (Ltd. / LLC)
Kunickiego 65 Street,
54-616 Wrocław, Poland, Europe

NIP (Tax ID No.):
• PL8943071265

Share capital: 250 000,00 PLN

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