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Do it yourself: open and close the gate from anywhere in the world

An ordinary entrance gate or garage gate is a nightmare to use. Electric – provides a minimum of comfort – we do not have to get out of the car when it is raining, we open it with a remote control, for example. But we can easily make it even more convenient.

Even the best pilot has a limited range. It can be a few, a dozen or even several dozen meters. But when you need to open the gate to let in relatives who came to visit us, and we are still stuck in a traffic jam or open the entrance to the property to the courier who brought shopping – it is definitely not enough. Besides, the remote control is another thing that we must have with us. And if we forget it or lose it, we won’t open the gate.

By adding a small and easy-to-install device – gateBox or gateBoxPro – i.e. a wireless gate controller – our smartphone or tablet will be able to serve as an additional remote control – and thanks to the Internet connection – its range will be practically unlimited.

In addition, if our gate drive has position sensors – we will be able to check from anywhere in the world whether it is open or closed. If, however, it does not have them, you can use an additional sensor costing from a few to a dozen or so zlotys, which will allow you to check the condition of any, even very old, gate.

Is it really that simple?

Until recently, to be able to control anything using a smartphone or tablet, it was necessary to have a smart home system – often costing from several to several dozen thousand zlotys. Thanks to the technology developed by the BleBox team, the first gates that we can control remotely, intelligently – using the free wBox application have appeared on the market. They are available in the offers of the largest door manufacturers, such as Wiśniowski, Plast-Met or Polfendo. But in fact, any existing gate with an electric drive – garage, sliding, tilt – we can transform ourselves into a modern smartphone-controlled gate in a few minutes for a fraction of the new price (gateBox costs about PLN 200 with shipping and the use and application are free)

How to make it so that you control the gate with your phone ?

To modernize your gate, you need: a gateBox driver (you can order it online or buy it from one of the distributors), basic tools such as a screwdriver or wire stripper, a gate operator’s manual – you can find it on the manufacturer’s website, and a wireless WiFi network in the place where device is to be mounted. Once you’ve collected all the necessary items, it’s time to start your adventure!


Step 1: Read the operating instructions for the gateBox and the gate drive. Remember that the gate – especially if it does not have safety elements such as photocells or a pressure strip – can be dangerous – especially for children and animals. Don’t let them play around!

Step 2: Make sure the power to the gate is turned off. You can turn them off by disconnecting the gate from the socket or by using the fuse in the distribution box. When in doubt, disconnect the main fuse or contact an electrician.

Step 3: Remove the drive casing and locate the control board – that is, the part where all the cables are connected. (quick tip: take a picture of the connections before you start changing them – in case of difficulties you will be able to connect everything as it was and the manufacturer will be able to help you with the installation easier).

Step 4: Virtually every control board has connectors: power supply for accessories and inputs for controlling an external button / intercom. Locate them using the instructions.

VERY IMPORTANT: The gateBox is powered by 12-24V – so it must be connected to an accessory power socket with this voltage. Connecting the controller directly to the 230V mains will damage it irreversibly.

Step 5: Attach the gateBox to the accessory connector according to the instructions and then check again if all connections are correct.

Step 6: Turn on the power of the gateway and then use your smartphone or tablet to configure the newly installed device. Remember to protect access to it with a password. Good luck!

ps. as part of the blebox ecosystem, you can also add uRemote miniature remote controls with secure communication, which will create a perfect complement, e.g. for an elderly person


WiFi module for gate control units. Open, close and check gate’s status! Notifications, remotes, actions!

gateBox PRO

Waterproof, antena equipped, WiFi module that allows you to open, close and check status of the gate. Notifications!


Rechargeable µWiFi remote control – no WiFi required. 3 buttons on 4 different channels. Control many BleBox devices!


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