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Triple potential-free ON / OFF switch or "turn on time". Schedule, buttons, actions, notifications!

Manuals associated with switchBoxT PRO
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switchBoxT PRO

  • Control any three devices with your smartphone!
  • Time schedule and astronomical clock
  • Three touch buttons for control from the built-in front panel
  • Connect any 3 DC / AC control signals
  • Wireless automation in combination with sensors for temperature, rain, air quality, wind etc.


  • Possibility to create wireless WiFi buttons
  • Possibility to pair rechargeable and battery operated μWiFi remotes
  • Customizable front panel illumination color
  • External antenna to increase the range!


Voice control and integrations:
Home Assistant

wBox app:

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Control three devices!

Use your smartphone to control up to three electrical devices (0-230V AC / DC – potential-free outputs)

Each of the three outputs can be connected to devices with a power of up to 3680W!

You can simultaneously connect devices powered by 12V DC (e.g. power supply), 24V AC (e.g. solenoid valve) or 230V AC (e.g. garden lamp, pump)

Three buttons (inputs)!

The controller allows you to connect up to three buttons
(or various control signals 12-230V AC / DC)

It can be:

  • toggle switch (candlestick) or bell / push button
  • output (signal) from motion detector, alarm, liquid level sensor
  • signal from another controller / automation system

Actions and scenes!

switchBoxT PRO, just like sensors and other controllers from the switchBox and actionBox family, have actions that allow you to control other drivers (scene triggers).

For example: switchBoxT PRO will read the status from the control panel about arming the alarm (leaving the house), and then wirelessly send the command to the water valve “close”, to each light “turn off”, to each roller shutter “close”.

Schedule, astronomical clock

A schedule with an astronomical clock function allows you to control at a given time as well as at sunrise and sunset based on your geographic location.

For example: set your garden lights to turn on automatically after sunset and turn off at 23:59 to save electricity. Thanks to three outputs, you can divide the lighting into 3 zones that turn on at a different time!

Remote controls, wireless buttons

With the help of powered modules from the actionBox family, you can create buttons to control the switchBoxT PRO without wiring!

You can also pair the “uRemote rechargeable remote, the sRemote battery-operated remote and the inBox battery-operated button module (or wall buttons) to place wherever you want!

Automation! - WiFi Actions

  • In combination with rainSensor automatically turn off watering when it rains.


  • Use multiple distributed actionBoxS + motion sensors that will wirelessly send an order to switchBoxT PRO to turn on the appropriate garden lighting circuit. No more “miles of cable routing”

Touch, backlit panel!*

On the front panel of the controller you will find 3 touch buttons (1-3) that can be used to turn on / off the devices (circuits) connected to the controller.

In addition, the front panel has a backlight function. In the wBox application it is possible to change the color of the lighting.

* To lock the touch button control, do not connect the front panel during installation.

External antenna!

switchBoxT PRO is equipped with an external antenna increasing the WiFi range. The WiFi antenna socket also allows you to replace the antenna with a directional antenna.

This allows the controller to be used in remote locations from the router / AP, where there is a weak or insufficient WiFi signal.

About the product


Power supply:

230V AC

Energy consumption:

< 1W (standby)
< 2W (power on)

Outputs number:


Control output type:

relay, NO

Maximum power:

AC1 (resistive, power factor: 0.95):
3x (16A @ 5-230V AC) = 3x 3680W = ~11kW AC

DC1: 3x (16A @ 5-24V DC) = 3x ~380W DC

AC3 (IEC60947-4-1):
3x ~0.5kW @ 240V AC = ~1,5kW (star motor)

Galvanic separation:


Number of buttons:


Type of buttons:

capacitive (touch sensor), illuminated, integrated in the front panel

Inputs number:


Inputs type:

optoisolated (galvanic separation)

Input voltage range:

12V .. 230V AC/DC

Supported switches:

monostable (push-button), bistable (traditional, cross switch), not-illuminated

Signaling on the housing:

colorful, illuminated front panel informing about the device status

Controller signaling:

blinking blue diagnostic diode (option to switch off in the controller settings)


129 x 89 x 57 mm (width x height x length)


surface junction box, controller covered with a polyurethane composition not containing halogens, self-extinguishing for thermal class B (130 °C)

Mounting method:

2 mounting perforations, installation in a place protected from rain

Protection Rating:


Operating temperature of the controller:

from -20°C to 50°C

Antenna output:



omnidirectional, 5dB gain - included in the kit

Communication standard:

μWiFi, compatible with WiFi, 802.11g

Transmission type:

bi-directional, encrypted


direct connection (as Access Point), Wi-Fi connection via a stan- dard router, connection with access from any location in the world (requires only access to the Internet)

Transmission frequency:

2.4 GHz


open, details available at

Compatible devices and systems:

Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, iPad Mini, Android, computers and mobile devices supporting HTML5


WPA2-PSK and authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD)


Company’s data:

Blebox Sp. z o.o. (Ltd. / LLC)
Kunickiego 65 Street,
54-616 Wrocław, Poland, Europe

NIP (Tax ID No.):
• PL8943071265

Share capital: 250 000,00 PLN

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