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Connectors and switches for roller shutters and blinds.

When buying a roller blind, you spend a lot of time choosing it, but after installation, we operate the roller shutter controller, which decides whether the roller shutter is to be closed or open. There are various roller blind controllers, from manual (e.g. belts) which are equipped with roller blinds without electric drives, through a whole range of electric roller blind controllers, which include:

  • connectors and buttons,
  • electronic drivers.

Switches and buttons are drivers similar to known light switches. To lower or raise the roller shutter, approach the “button” and press the right direction. We will explain it on the example of the accessories of the well-known company Kontakt-Simon.

So, if you have installed:

  • button eg 01/11 the movement of the roller blind is ONLY when you hold down the button.
  • a switch, e.g. 01/11, then just pressing it is enough for the roller shutter to open or close completely.

The question is which of the control methods described above is better? In the opinion of many people, the disadvantage of the button is the need to hold the button constantly if the roller shutter is to open or close, but it is worth remembering that each electric roller shutter has limit switches installed in it, which are responsible for the shutter turning off when it is completely closed or open. Many people do not think about the role of limit switches and trust completely in their reliability. Unfortunately, these are only devices that can malfunction or fail.

If we control the roller shutter with a button, we can see and hear that something is not working as it should. Controlling with a switch, we click and go to other activities (we trust the limit switches will work), what if not? Then the roller shutter motor is energized all the time (after all we have clicked that the roller shutter is to close or open) and only the limit switch can turn off the roller shutter.

From this point of view, button control is safer because it provides double control:

  1. Roller shutter limit switch,
  2. The user who needs to hold the key,

In addition, the buttons can also work with roller shutter controllers – so they give us additional possibilities. But more on that later. Since we have already mentioned them, let’s not forget that roller shutter switches and buttons are not the only options for controlling electric shutters. Currently, a high level of safety and comfort is provided by electronic roller shutter controllers.


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